In Paris in 1889, two events took place that would have much greater influence on the world than what was expected at the time. The Eiffel tower was built. And that is also when the first bra was made. By winding silk around a construction of steel the French woman Herminie Cadolle invented a bra that became a separated undergarment from the more frequently used corset. Many things have happened in the bra area since those days, and today you can find all kinds of different bra models for all different tastes and body types.

A lot of women experience some confusion whilst trying to find their correct size, especially since there are som many different models to choose from. In fact 4 out of 5 women today carry the wrong size of bra, and many are not even aware of it. A wrong bra size can lead to aching and pains as well as being both uncomfortable and unflattering. As a bra manufacturer we would of course want you, our customers, to choose the right size and model that both fits your bust and level of comfort. This will allow you to feel just how comfortable and perfectly fitted your bra from Trofé is.

If you buy your bra in a lingerie shop, the staff will be able to guide you towards the correct size and model. However, by using our simple guides you can easily measure your perfect size on your own.


The right bra will be your loyal companion for many years to come. Remember that the life span for your bra will be elongated if you have several different bras to choose from, preferably 5-6. There are bra models for every occasion and for every type of event, from everyday basic needs, to the more delicate lace bra suitable for festive occasions, as well as functional bras for nursing and sports. To keep its shape, the bra needs to rest a day in between usage. Use a bra maximum two or three times before washing it. Preferably hand wash your bra. If you have to machine wash the bra, always use a lingerie washing bag. This is especially important if you are washing an underwire bra. Most bras are better off being washed in water no warmer than 30 degrees. However, sports bras are often designed to stand higher temperatures. This is how you hand wash your bra in the best possible way.

Feel free to browse through our guides to find what feels right for you.


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