Fitting Guide

Perfect fit is the most important factor when you are buying your new bra

So how should the perfect bra fit? It should fit comfortably, neither too loose nor too tight. From the point of purchase, it will take roughly two weeks before your bra is fully adjusted and shaped after your body.


The band on a bra should fit in the same hight all around your torso. In order to get more support, a common solution is to shorten the shoulder straps too much, which will make the band crawl upwards on your back.

However, it is not the shoulder straps on your bra that should provide the main support, it is the band around your back. 80% of the support should be due to the band. Only 20% of the support should be duet the shoulder straps. Too much weight on the shoulder bands could lead to shoulder and back pains. If your band should start to crawl up on your back, it means your bra is too loose. You should then go down a size in width, but keep your cup size. As an example, go from 85D to 80D. The opposite relation can be used if the bra is too tight around your back and ”cuts in” to your back and puts pressure under your bust. Then adjust upwards in size. If there are no sizes that fits you perfectly, you can solve it by using our clever bra extension.

Keep in mind the most bra models stretch with time after you have been using it for a while. That is why you should buy a bra that is perfect to use using the outer hook and eye closure, and then adjust inwards with time as the bra stretches.


If your breasts swell out towards your side/your armpit, or if it looks like a third breast is taking place in your cleavage , then your cup size is too small. If you are wearing an underwire bra, the cup should embrace the whole area under your bust, and the underwire should be flat against your body, not cutting into your bust. If you are in need of heavy support and lift, you should go for a bra with full cup which covers more of the breasts area, and choose a bra with wide shoulder straps, wide back band, and wide sides for maximum comfort and support.


You should be able to fit a finger between your shoulder and the shoulder strap. The shoulder strap should not cut into your shoulder. If you have a heavy bust that needs extra support, you should preferably choose a bra with wide shoulder bands. You should also make sure that the bra is not too loose around your back. There are also shoulder relievers to use for a more comfortable fit. Remember to adjust your shoulder straps every day.


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